Mobile spay/ neuter clinics

Mobile spay/neuter clinicsPeople in underserved areas can get spay/neuter services for their pets at reduced fees, subsidized by Dumb Friends League donors, when one of our mobile spay/neuter clinics visits their neighborhood. Our Meow Mobile offers spay/neuter services for cats, while our Lulu Mobile offers spay/neuter services for both cats and dogs.

We also partner with local animal welfare organizations in a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program for community (unowned) cats to help reduce the number of unwanted litters born and the number of kittens and cats brought to shelters.

Both clinics are staffed with veterinarians who are licensed in the state of Colorado to perform the surgeries. Some are in private practice and volunteer through the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society. Others are on the staff of the Dumb Friends League. They have experience spaying and neutering dogs and cats in high-volume settings. They are assisted by veterinary technicians.

Are you a veterinarian interested in volunteering? Click here.

Mobile clinic fees

We offer CAT spay/neuter surgeries for FREE, including age-appropriate vaccinations (rabies and distemper vaccines). No qualifications are required to qualify for free cat spay/neuter surgeries.

We offer DOG spay/neuter surgeries for patrons who qualify for $50, including age appropriate vaccines (rabies and distemper vaccines). To qualify, please bring a printed copy of one of the following qualifying documents when you check in:

  • Quest or EBT card
  • Paycheck stub (showing income of no more than $769 per paycheck) 
  • Income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $40,000 per year)
  • Unemployment check stub (with current date)
  • Medicaid card
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter
  • WIC


We do not take animals over 8 years old without recent blood work and we do not accept any animal that has a heart murmur.

We accept cash, check or charge for payment. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Other resources for spay/neuter surgery (NOT mobile services)

If you are unable to use, or do not qualify for, Dumb Friends League mobile spay/neuter services, please call PetAid Animal Hospital for veterinary services (mobile services are not offered by PetAid, and all clients need to income qualify to receive care for their pet) at (303) 722-5800 or visit for more information.

Those making over $40,000 in income per year should contact a veterinarian for spay/neuter services:

  • If you need assistance finding a veterinarian in the Denver area, please call the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society at (303) 318-0447 or visit to locate a veterinary clinic near you.
  • If you need assistance finding a veterinarian elsewhere in Colorado, please call the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association at (303) 318-0447 or visit to locate a veterinary clinic near you.


Before and after surgery instructions

Pets need to be at least eight weeks of age and weigh two pounds for surgery.


Contact information

Occasionally, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, we do have to cancel a clinic. Please call our mobile spay/neuter help line at (720) 241-7098 the morning of the clinic you plan on attending for any cancellation information. If you have additional questions, call our help line as well.

Mobile clinic schedules