Pet behavior classes

The Dumb Friends League Quebec Street shelter in Denver offers classes and workshops on animal behavior for pet owners and shelter workers.

For pet behavior advice visit our pet behavior resource page.

How to register

Register online by clicking on the date(s) you prefer, or print out the registration form and mail or fax it to us.

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Cats  – Clicks & Tricks  – Without Your Cat

During this informational session, cat owners will learn how to clicker train their cat(s) through demonstrations, videos and workshop exercises. Participants will also receive great tips and resources from seasoned behavior specialists.


Dates coming in January

Cats – Clicks & Tricks  – With Your Cat

It is a common belief that cats cannot be trained, but through Clicks & Tricks, you will learn otherwise. This is a four-week class for cats older than 13 weeks and their owners. During the first week, participants learn how to prevent litter-box problems and destructive scratching, plus typical cat behaviors and issues. For the remaining three classes, feline students are encouraged to attend. Owners will teach their cats how to sit on command, roll over, and give a “high five” among other advanced behaviors.


Dates coming in January

Cats – Kitten Kindergarten

For kittens ages 8 to 13 weeks and their owners. Kitten Kindergarten classes provide the opportunity for socialization with other kittens, new people and new environments in a controlled and positive manner. Participants practice nail-trimming skills, and train your kitten to like the carrier. Classes also include playtime and information about typical cat behavior. For added fun, we teach the kittens to come when called, sit and give a “high five.”  Classes are drop-in but you may also register at the Sit…Stay Shop at the shelter or online.


Purchase a punch card at the first class and save $4 per class!

Dates coming in January

Cat Behavior Conference

Think you know cat behavior? This free conference is designed for animal shelter staff and volunteers, as well as members of the public, whether you’re a lifelong cat lover or a first-time cat owner. Topics include:

  • Science of learning
  • New scientific discoveries on cat behavior
  • Cat body postures
  • Cat behavior


Dates coming in January