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Waived fees for cat spay/neuter clinics in honor of World Spay Day

Lulu Mobile spay/neuterIn honor of World Spay Day on Feb. 25, the Dumb Friends League is offering waived fees for all cat spay and neuter surgeries through its mobile clinics on February 24–25.

The Dumb Friends League will have two mobile clinics available at Denver Animal Shelter, 1241 W. Bayaud Ave., February 24–25, and is one of four participating metro Denver animal welfare organizations offering reduced or waived fee spay and neuter clinics to the public in support of World Spay Day.

“Our goal in collaborating with other local organizations is to make spay and neuter clinics more accessible to more people,” said Tracy Koss, operations outreach manager at the Dumb Friends League. “As a community, we’re actively working together to combat pet overpopulation, ultimately reducing the number of homeless pets in shelters.”

World Spay Day is an international campaign that shines a spotlight on spaying and neutering to help save the lives of companion animals. The campaign promotes spay/neuter as a simple, humane and effective way to curb pet overpopulation and reduce the number of homeless pets in the United States and abroad.

The Dumb Friends League has two mobile clinics that provide spay and neuter services at reduced fees, subsidized by Dumb Friends League donors, to pets in underserved communities within the Denver metro area. Each surgery is performed by a veterinarian licensed in the state of Colorado.

Last year alone, the two Dumb Friends League mobile clinics spayed and neutered more than 6,900 owned pets, and by the end of this year will have performed more than 50,000 surgeries since the program was introduced in 2005.

For more information about free spay/neuter clinics in honor of World Spay Day on February 24–25, or to learn more about the Dumb Friends League mobile units and view a schedule of upcoming clinics, visit or call (720) 241-7098.