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Scarlett + Oliver = LOVE

Scarlett & OliverWe have three Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and we had always assumed we could never adopt a cat because they always barked at animals on TV and had never been socialized with cats, only dogs.

After much thought, we decided to go for it. I had seen a trainer on TV introduce a dog and a cat, and when we went to pick up the cat—who we named Scarlett O’Hara—we took our oldest male, Gatsby, with us so the alpha male would be the first introduction. The staff and volunteers at the League gave us great advice, and after about two weeks, all the animals could roam a room with supervision. Amazingly, they fell in love as a family quicker than we imagined.

My lesson for others is that your babies have more room in their hearts for another than you may think. Patience, education on the situation, and love are all you need.
— Stacey S.

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Good thing his name wasn’t Sydney!

Juneau in the wild!Juneau entered our lives seven years ago to the day. Upon his adoption, we had no idea of the tremendous impact he would have on our lives.

We went to the Dumb Friends League one day to look at dogs. My (now) husband had always wanted a husky, and so our search began. We saw Juneau and read that he was a “special-needs dog.” Well, I’m a sucker for the dogs that need an extra spoonful of lovin’, and so we had to meet Juneau. His special need was that he had a fresh wound (now scar) on his face from another dog. He really just didn’t want you to touch his face, but was game for a belly rub.

We left that day empty-handed. We wanted to discuss if this was the right move, as we had only been dating for three months and didn’t know whether we could support a new family member. A week later, we went back to the League. There was Juneau, still waiting for his forever home. We brought him back with us that day.

To say that Juneau is just another dog would be a great injustice to his character. He has grown with us as a member of the family. Most of our decisions revolve around him. One in particular has been moving to Alaska, where it would be colder year-round and where he could protect and explore five acres of homeland and be closer to open water sources for wading and swimming. It also felt like an omen to us that he was named Juneau by the League and that we had chosen to keep it because it’s a rockin’ name and your staff worked with him during his time in need.

Seven years has gone quickly. We have cherished the last 2,555 days with him, and we look forward to another 2,555+ days with him as we continue our Last Frontier adventure.

-Lauren M.

Delta Junction, Alaska

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River: from frozen creek to warm fireside

RiverRiver was found in a frozen creek, unable to escape the icy water due to a badly fractured leg. With the help of three kind strangers, River was rescued and rushed to our Quebec Street Shelter. Unfortunately, his leg was too damaged to repair, so our veterinary team removed the limb and made sure River was comfortable while he healed.

On Nov. 28, River was waiting patiently for someone in the crowd of Black Friday shoppers at our shelter to notice him. Renee and Glenn W. had looked at several other dogs, but hadn’t found the perfect match—until one of our adoption counselors introduced them to River. “I took one look,” recalls Glenn, “and I knew he was going home with us.”

River now lazes by the fireplace with his new dog buddies, Cooper and Tico, and enjoys the attention lavished on him by the family’s five children. “We are loving him so much!” says Renee.

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Duke: never too old for love

DukeDuke, a 9-year-old yellow Lab, was transferred to the Dumb Friends League for medical care by one of our shelter partners in northern Colorado. He had been found wandering the streets and was severely underweight, in addition to having serious dental disease.

When he arrived at our shelter, Duke weighed just 69 pounds, and you could count every rib in his skinny body. After weeks on a special diet, as well as a dental cleaning and tooth extraction, Duke had gained weight and was ready for adoption. That’s when Cami and Steve R. spotted him on our website. They were looking for a puppy, but when they saw that an older dog needed a home, they rushed to our shelter to meet Duke. It was love at first sight, so they adopted him on the spot.

Says Cami, “When we adopted Duke, he was 20 pounds underweight. We fed him three times a day until we got him to where he needs to be. He is now 87 pounds and loving life.”

“We have been asked numerous times why would we adopt such an old dog, but really, Duke’s age doesn’t bother me,” adds Cami. “If I can give this dog love and care for the rest of his life, it’s worth it.”

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Duke is the adorable star of our 2014 holiday fundraising campaign! Watch for him on billboards, buses, Hulu, YouTube and Netflix.

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