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Kodie & Maggie: 300 pounds of pure love

Harold the catKodie and Maggie were dropped off at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock in December 2008. In January 2009, we were in search of ONE dog for our family. When we first set our eyes on beautiful Maggie, a St. Bernard, we stated we would take her.

We were informed by the staff that "she comes with her brother," who was in the back eating at the time. We reconsidered, thinking two St. Bernards would be a bit much. Of course, we caved as soon as we saw this 165-pound dog named Kodie walk into the room. Because it was such a big commitment, the staff suggested we think about it. We returned the next day to pick them up, loading 300 pounds of St. Bernard in the back of an SUV.

They have been a wonderful and quite large addition to our family. We relocated to the East Coast in 2013. Kodie and Maggie did much better than we did driving across the country! They are happy and healthy "lap dogs." They make us laugh all the time.

I know we made a difference in their lives, but they made an even bigger difference in ours! Thank you, Dumb Friends League, for taking such good care of them while in your care.

— Laura, Mike and Sean K.

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Zeta does the Maine thing

Kristen and ZetaI adopted my dog, Zeta, from the Dumb Friends League when she was 6 months old. When Zeta arrived at your shelter, she had been very sick, and you helped her get strong and healthy. You also very obviously made her feel loved, and it was clear during my adoption interview that you cared about finding her a loving home.

I just wanted to thank you and let anyone who remembers Zeta know that she is doing well, and that I love her and can’t imagine not having this pup in my life. Zeta and I are now in Maine because I moved back here after finishing graduate school. Zeta loved the road trip and exploring new places on the way. She has also enjoyed hiking and camping adventures, and continues to be a very healthy, active, sweet and happy dog.

Kristen S.


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Maya: a great trade-off

MayaWe happened upon the Furry Scurry because Saturdays are our running days. When we got to the park, I assumed that a dog “race” would probably have an adoption event as well—and sure enough, there was Maya! My partner instantly bonded with Maya, and we pretty much decided that we had to have her. So we went to Wash Park for a three-mile run and left with Maya, which was a great trade-off!

Maya is doing very well and already warming up to us. She is quite the cuddle bug and is getting along with everyone (our friends and their dogs) and our cat. I dropped her off at a friend’s house while I went to an appointment, and when I went to pick her up, she was SO excited: tail wagging, jumped on me and couldn’t stop prancing. My heart melted! She’s a doll and we love her.

-- Chanelle R.

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I am Harold . . . hear me roar

Harold the catHarold and I are doing very well. He spent the first week in hiding; he would come out briefly for food and some cuddle time. The second week, he came out a little more every day, but would only stay in the kitty room I put together for him, even though I had a baby gate up so he could come and go.

At the end of week two, I took him in to have his mouth checked out at the Dumb Friends League because he’d had several teeth removed. He hated the car ride, but was great while the vet examined him.

I got back home, and within a few hours he was wandering around the house and exploring, completely unfettered by my dogs and curiously playful with my other cats. He slept with me that night. He is curled up on my lap as I write this now.

It was like taking him to see the vet and bringing him back home made him realize this was his home, he was safe and I’d always bring him back. He is happy, playful and affectionate, and I just love his squishy face! I know he will have a long, happy life with me!

-- JulieAnn B.

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