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ChloeNine years ago, we adopted our first Old English sheepdog, Molly, from the Dumb Friends League. I saw her online the night before and was determined to get her first thing in the morning. Molly was a lot of work in the beginning, but after some training, she turned out to be the best dog EVER!

Molly was a huge part of our family, accompanying us on camping and hiking trips all over Colorado. She was with us for the purchase of our first home and the birth of our two children. She was a wonderful and very much loved big sister! Unfortunately, we lost Molly very suddenly this past May, and it was devastating to our family. The heartache was too much to endure, but after much thought, we asked to be added to the Old English sheepdog purebred list at the Dumb Friends League. We were told that this breed is very rare in Colorado, but after four months, we got the call: There was a 7-year-old sheepie named Chloe available for adoption!

I rushed over to pick her up that same day and was greeted by Ben, who is just so fantastic in the whole adoption process. And just like that, we have opened our hearts and our family to loving another sheepdog! Chloe has been an absolute joy; it’s a true honor being her human mommy. It has only been five days, and she fits right in. Molly must have been looking out for her fellow Old English sheepdogs and sent her to us. Chloe has been wonderful with the children and loves to run around in the house and lounge on the patio furniture.

Thanks, Dumb Friends League and Ben, for making my dream come true. In the words of Roger Caras, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

- Alyce M.

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Seamus the shadow

SeamusNo stranger to rescue animals and only a few weeks after my roommate (and best friend) moved out of state and took her dog, I was searching for an adult cat to call my own. Ideally I wanted a companion that would hang out with me when I got home from work and enjoy some much-needed cuddle time after a hard day. I found all that and more in Seamus.

We went to a Petco location that partners with the Dumb Friends League after seeing Seamus online. After meeting him and falling in love, we took a couple hours to make sure that this was the right decision. I quickly called the Dumb Friends League to learn more about Seamus. Hearing his story of living in several homes and being surrendered through no fault of his own, I knew I had to take him home that day.

Ever since, he has been my shadow around the house. Vocal, loving, cuddly, attentive and intuitive, Seamus is happy to curl up and watch Netflix with me, play fetch with his favorite mouse toy or incessantly meow until I give him some head scratches. I couldn’t imagine coming home anymore and not having Seamus greet me with a few mews and a solid leg rub.

He finally has his forever home.

- Julia C., Aurora, Colo.

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Smeagol won her heart

SmeagolWhen I first saw Smeagol on the Dumb Friends League website, I was in complete shock—a Sphynx at the Dumb Friends League? I rushed down to see him, and after 30 minutes, it was clear that we were meant to be together. Even though he was very frightened, he immediately purred the second that I touched him. It was then that I knew he was the one. He has been the sweetest addition to our home—no longer afraid, he spends his days purring, greeting everyone at the door, following us from room to room, and cuddling under blankets with us and his two (much furrier) dog siblings, Lobster and Misty. He is the sweetest cat I have ever known, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to care for him.

Victoria R.

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King Petey the Beloved

King PeteyPetey is doing very well. He’s adapted well to our home and our lifestyle, and seems very happy. He’s gotten much braver around strangers, and he sure has become the king of our castle.

When we first got Petey, he spent a lot of time on the end of the sofa, which we called his “safe spot.” He would go there when he felt stressed or when we had company. He doesn’t use the safe spot at all anymore, which tells me he’s gotten very comfortable here. He’s pretty much taken over our home, which is OK with us because we’ve grown very attached to him and love him very much.

We are very happy that we ended up adopting Petey, and we probably wouldn’t have if you hadn’t told us how good he was with you. We took a chance, and I think we got very lucky with this boy, and he seems very happy with us. A happy ending indeed.

-Stacey D.
Pueblo, Colo.

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